#25 Two Men and a Toddler, Part 1

by Jolene Philo & Anne Fleck | Home Again

Meet the handsome hosts of episode 25, Hiram Philo and Kailen Fleck (L) and Home Again’s mascot, Appa the dog (R).

Here are links to Summer Wars and Drama Fever, the Korean anime movie and Korean drama streaming service Kailen and Anne like. And here’s the link to Iowa Stage, the professional acting company Kailen is in.

The pictures below will help  you visualize what Hiram and Kailen discussed in this episode. And here’s a link to the wilted lettuce recipe Hiram mentioned.


  • Row 1 from L to R: The outside of the barn Hiram is converting into a wood shop. (Please ignore the junk in front of the barn. It will go away soon.); the new floor made from planks repurposed from former horse stalls; and the Lego personage Tad calls “Jacob” though Star Wars fans know him by a different name.
  • Row 2, L to R: The blue dolly Tad loves to push around while he “helps” Hiram; Anne’s style of gardening; Jolene’s style of gardening
  • Row 3: The dregs of last summer’s failed hugekultur experiment.