#33 Epic Failures, 2018

by Jolene Philo & Anne Fleck | Home Again

To make the recounting of 2018’s epic failures more palatable, Anne and Jolene start the podcast with a list of favorite finds this fall. They included:


  • A new series from Netflix called The Good Cop.
  • Quilter Studio, a shop in Massachusetts that sells kitchen toweling by the yard. Type “kitchen toweling” in the site’s search bar to see what they have in stock.
  • Iowa Coffee Roasters where we order decaf espresso and other decaf varieties
  • The coat from the lost and found at the cafe where Anne used to work. She repaired a rip, and Tad has a is set for fall!

Here’s a run down of Home Again’s Epic Failures for 2018.


  • Jolene’s broken foot
  • Downstairs color scheme
  • First attempt at roasting goose
  • Too many weeds in the garden and nothing to can
  • Failure to thrive in the new lilac hedge
  • New almond trees died
  • Grandma Dorothy’s discontent and general health decline
  • Mowing and mower issues
  • Undiagnosed leak in power steering line of Kailen & Anne’s van
  • Waterlogged sandbox
  • Lack of final answers regarding Tad’s allergies
  • Flecks all falling ill the  day Hiram came home after hip replacement surgery
  • Pear and apple harvest didn’t happen
  • Keeping Lewella from eating leaves this fall