#34 Epic Successes, 2018

by Jolene Philo & Anne Fleck | Home Again

Before looking back at Home Again epic successes for 2018, Anne and Jolene talked about what they’re looking forward to this fall.


  • Anne’s excited because of some upcoming, new offerings through Literary Midwives book coaching . You can soon take a look at what they offer at the Literary Midwives website (be patient as it is presently under construction) and their Facebook page, which is also under construction.
  • Jolene’s excited because the Love Languages for Special Needs Families book she’s co-writing with Dr. Gary Chapman is in the home stretch. She’s also happy because the latest revision of her mystery novel See Jane Run! is almost ready for a second round of pitching by her agent.

Here’s the 2018 list of epic successes. We’re amazed by the progress being made! To get Anne and Jolene’s take on the secrets of their successes, you’ll have to listen to the podcast.

  • Jolene’s Love Languages book contract
  • Kailen and Anne, with help from Hiram, moved a basement wall before Baby arrived.
  • Lewella’s January birth was uneventful and her soy allergy was discovered quickly!
  • A new front porch was poured in early spring.
  • Hiram and Jolene rejuvinated the front flower bed.
  • Anne and Hiram got the fruit trees pruned.
  • Jolene’s foot healed and she was back to morning walks by spring.
  • Anne’s garden produced some food
  • The Literary Midwives book coaching business grew quickly.
  • Tad is potty trained, sleeps through the night sometimes, and isn’t allergic to soy anymore.
  • Kailen got his first audiobook recording gig.
  • Tad has a sandbox now.
  • Kailen’s week of treatment for PTSD was healing and empowering.
  • Hiram replaced a yucky basement window with cement block.
  • The roasting of our second goose worked.
  • Hiram finished the floor of the barn and waterproofed the doors and windows as its transformation into a workshop continues. (See the floor pictures below.)
  • Hiram’s recovery from hip replacement surgery in mid-September has been speedy and without compications.