#37 Christmas Decorations for All Generations

by Jolene Philo & Anne Fleck | Home Again

In the feature for this episode, Anne and Jolene talked about some favorite Christmas decorations. Anne chose the Hallmark Carousel her Grandma Elsie sent for her first Christmas. When hung on the tree (something we aren’t doing until the baby fence arrives to keep the tree safe from Lewella) and connected to a light, the carousel rotates. The ornaments Jolene chose were ones she made during the first Christmases she and Hiram were married.

The pictures below show how the older generations adapted Christmas decorations so everyone can enjoy them. We put out the wooden sled made by Jolene’s childhood neighbor because its safe for kids. So is the granny square Christmas tree skirt made by Jolene’s grandmother. Finally, all the ornaments the kids can reach on the tree are kid safe. The ones that aren’t kid safe were hung high.


Do you see the vertical garland in the left of the picture? It was originally lower down, but Lewella’s daddy looped it up and out of reach as it was irresistable to the baby. It will be rearranged once the baby fence arrives. Maybe we should call it a tree fence as it will go around the tree to keep the baby out. Only then will presents be put under the tree!

Some day we may have a tree with gorgeous, delicate ornaments. But this year, Christmas is about kids who won’t be little for long. We want them to enjoy what they see instead of hearing, “Don’t touch!” and “Be careful!” whenever they admire the beauty of the season.