Cinnamon-applesauce ornaments are a wonderful craft for kids ages 3 and older. These 3 tips can make the activity more fun for everyone.Over the weekend, I made cinnamon-applesauce ornaments with my three-year-old grandson. I had every intention of taking pictures of the completed ornaments and blogging about the revised recipe we created.

However, the excitement and energy of the sweetest three-year-old in the universe drove away every thought of picture-taking and writing down our recipe. Which meant moving on to Plan B: linking to the original recipe for cinnamon-applesauce ornaments (which we doubled) and sharing a few tips to make your ornament creation extravaganza a success.

  1. Absolutely do roll the dough out between layers of plastic wrap. Otherwise, the dough will stick to the rolling pin. Don’t ask how I know this.
  2. If you use a straw to poke holes in the ornaments, clean the straw off every few holes. Otherwise, the straw gets sticky and doesn’t make a clean cut. You could also snip off the end of the straw or use a new straw every so often.
  3. Position the straw to poke holes at least an inch below the top of the ornament. If you don’t, the dough will crack and the ornament will be ruined.