# 26 Two Men and a Toddler, Part 2

by Jolene Philo & Anne Fleck | Home Again

In this episode, guest hosts Kailen and Hiram dished out the dirt on who in the Home Again household won in several “loudest” and “most” categories. For posterity’s sake here they are in writing:


  •  Loudest Moper: Appa the Dog
  • Loudest Sneezer: Hiram
  • Loudest Exerciser: Jolene
  • Loudest Nose Blower: Kailen*
  • Loudest Throughout the Day: Thaddeus (aka Tad)
  • Loudest Sleeper: Lewella
  • Loudest Sewer: Anne
  • Loudest Snorer: Hiram
  • Loudest Car Gaspers: Jolene and Anne
  • Most Mathematical: Hiram and Anne
  • Best Oral Reader: Kailen, followed by Jolene and Anne
  • Best Listener: Hiram
  • Best Under Pressure: Hiram and Kailen
  • Most Anxious: Kailen followed by Hiram and Jolene
  • Least Ruffled and Least Concerned about Time: Anne
  • Least Likely to Take a Nap: Kailen
  • Biggest Eater: Anne (nursing mom) followed by Kailen
  • Biggest Eater per Pound: Thaddeus
  • Most Socially Connected: Jolene

*Footnote from Tad: Carlos is the loudest sneezer in The Magic School Bus Rides Again cartoons because he has allergies.